We ensure comprehensive assistance connected with commissioning a system at the site of installation and preparing it for operation in accordance with an approved design.

Our services include system dry run, pilot implementation – pre-implementation tests of a version dedicated to Customer, verification of use scenarios, and lastly system implementation.

  • Implementation services – their aim is configuration and installation of applications and system operation environment (operating systems, data bases, communication services, client software), as well as stabilisation of the environment (defining directories, structure of warehouses, user accounts), downloading and completing dictionaries with data, migration of data from other systems.
  • Installation services – configuration and installation of devices:
    • equipment assembly at their destination operation site together with necessary infrastructure
    • ensuring safe operation of devices through installing appropriate protection elements.
    • installation and configuration of administrative and monitoring tools (MSP, RFMS, WIPS, Zebra Net Bridge)
    • configuration and activation of security means (encryption, TKIP/AES, authentication, WPA/ WPA2/802.1x/RADIUS)
    • configuration and optimization of communication infrastructure for obtaining required operation parameters (VLAN Trunking, VPN, WMM, QoS)
    • installation and configuration of business applications
    • preparing configuration packages for devices installed (in terms of communication and way of operation of devices)
  • Assistance – for increased security in the key moment, which is production start of a system, and later, at the stage of usage, we offer the possibility of using the assistance of a consultant at the site of implementation.
  • Training courses – we educate system administrators and users in using and administering applications and devices delivered under a project.
  • Preparing personalized documentation – materials on system configuration and architecture, user manuals and maintenance instructions.
  • Project management - our service includes organizing a project team, planning and supervising activities connected with preparing a system for operation. We keep full documentation – reports of the status of project fulfillment, analysis of schedule and critical points. We ensure the synchronisation of suppliers of products and services necessary for project fulfillment (sub-contractors, suppliers of equipment and accessories).