Security and control system of the supply chain in warehouse logistics

Nowadays, due to the increasing number of services and the growing importance of products, the need to properly optimize processes is also growing. And the processes associated with warehouse logistics and the entire supply chain of goods are exposed to a lot of mistakes. The more so because their complexity increases, and at the same time there is a need to reduce costs and increase efficiency. DHL’s 2015 report shows that as many as 60% of companies indicated that through the disruptions in the supply chain, key indicators for them dropped by as much as about 3% – that’s a lot. The risk of disturbances mainly related to the flows of goods and the certainty of their deliveries. Effective tools make processes more efficient and the company’s profitability increases. All the more so because modern supply chains are subject to increasingly stringent competitive criteria. One of such solutions is the GEUTEBRÜCK Supply Chain Security system allowing visualization of processes using video surveillance systems.

Managing the means of transport within the company

GEUTEBRÜCK Supply Chain Security system allows for automatic control of car entry to the company premises and trips. All thanks to the possibility of automatic recognition of license plates. By using individual access authorizations it is possible to effectively control processes and quick access to data on specific vehicles. What’s more, thanks to properly planned deployment of cameras on the company’s premises, it is possible to view events and control the presence of vehicles in specific locations. The external camera, combined with intelligent video analysis, can also be used as an effective protection of the company’s premises from intruders.

Process transparency and error reduction

It sometimes happens that it is not possible to identify the reason for making a mistake without seeing the recorded process. That is why such a huge opportunity is achieved by combining data from internal systems with a link to video images (“Value Imaging”). Thanks to this information such as the weight of a given commodity, scan time, etc. are related to video images – it is very easy to find a key picture to fully explain the reason for the occurrence of specific irregularities. In the scope of order picking and packaging, each process is also subject to registration. The connection of processes with images allows to prove that the goods have been delivered without any damage and are completely complete. Also the moment of leaving the goods from the company is easy to analyze – thanks to RFID, a scan or a given tracking it is possible to find a picture containing specific information.

Quick location of goods

GEUTEBRÜCK Supply Chain Security system allows you to quickly locate specific goods – it connects recordings with scanned codes, thanks to which it is possible to determine the status of each delivery. Video images greatly facilitate the analysis of errors that arise during improper storage or loading of goods. What’s more, thanks to the combination of internal interfaces (scan, RFID or other tracking data), it is possible to quickly trace the path of goods. Thanks to synchronization in the system of neighboring cameras, it is also possible to trace the route of the person who was responsible for the given product.