Benefits of ibcsTiger

Logistics is one of the most advanced industries. Everyone who has worked in this segment knows that efficient running of a warehouse, forwarding center, logistics or distribution company is a complicated task that requires not only advanced knowledge but also extensive experience. We can get these two advantages for our company by employing qualified employees. However, if we give them hand tools that will further improve their work, we have a chance to create the perfect logistics system. WMS ibcsTiger is such a tool.

Intuitive WMS

Professional WMS ibcsTiger system was created by experts who know everything about managing logistics companies. While designing the system, IBCS Poland specialists focused on creating a tool that is simple and intuitive to use. To this end, we have designed a simple and very ergonomic user interface that is transparent and understandable even to those who have not had the opportunity to use this type of system before. The intuitiveness of the system designed by us allows to minimize any errors and to reduce the number of “clicks” in the application, which translates into shortening the time of handling warehouse processes.

We have designed ibcsTiger system in such a way that it is simple in everyday use, but expanded in terms of the possibilities it offers. Our proprietary WMS is adapted to work with modern technologies that automate warehouse operations, including the ibcsVoice voice picking system, which further increases productivity by up to 35% and the accuracy of warehouse processes. The system also facilitates fundraising work, allowing the hands to be “released” and providing them with the desirable comfort of their activities. Professionals from the logistics industry will certainly be delighted with the information that the Warehouse Management System manufactured by IBCS Poland is also equipped with the possibility of easy interface with other ERP master systems. We allow you to easily manage the application without closing to other systems or solutions, which is so popular these days. Our goal is only customer satisfaction and supporting him on the path to business success. Hence the idea of ​​openness to other solutions, which clearly distinguishes WMS ibcsTiger from the competition.

WMS implementation is just the beginning

The purchase of such an advanced tool is a serious investment that changes the face of the company and the quality of work and services it provides. Therefore, we wanted to configure the system so that the introduction of ibcsTiger was just the beginning of the adventure with this WMS. Our logistics experts have designed the “tiger” in such a way that modern system architecture enables easy and stable application development. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that ibcsTiger is a system that will serve the company for years. Anyway, each of the products that we offer is a very advanced, but also a flexible tool, which will be perfect in cooperation with other manufacturers’ solutions.

IBCS Poland supports companies after purchasing the ibcsTiger system

What distinguishes our company from the very beginning of our activity is the approach to the customer. We treat every contract with a company that decides to cooperate with us as a kind of distinction confirming our competence and experience. Knowing how important it is to support companies operating in such a difficult industry as logistics, we do not leave our customers alone after a purchase. Every company that decides to implement WMS ibcsTiger or another product from our offer can count on support both during the implementation process itself and during the proper use of the system. Service, consulting, training – any help is needed, we are ready to give it! The most important principle of our business is absolute customer satisfaction and making our customers happy thanks to our professional work.

As you can see in the examples above, the ibcsTiger system is better than other WMS systems, because it was created by a group of real enthusiasts who not only have experience and specialist knowledge, but are also aware of how difficult the logistics and storage industry are. Improving the work of a warehouse or logistics center, implementing a cost optimization system and eliminating the most common mistakes is possible from the first day of work with ibcsTiger.