Delivery and configuration of 2000 Motorola MC95 for LTL shipment

Schenker Ltd offers a full range of logistic solutions, all kinds of transport, warehousing, modern IT solutions. It leads projects adapted to customer’s individual needs. Thanks to a chain of transport (road and rail, air and sea) and warehouse logistic, customer’s goods are efficiently transported to world and European markets.

The implementation was divided into two stages. The first one was delivery of devices – terminals, accessories and service contracts. The second one was software installation as well as configuration and parameterization of devices, accounting for the customer’s current software.

The next stage of the operation, which is the distribution of the equipment all over the country and user’s training was conducted by DB Schenker Logistics. The implementation process progressed efficiently and according to the schedule, thanks to which the system started functioning very quickly.

– says Maciej Rafałowski, Sales Director, IBCS Poland

Two thousand DB Schenker Logistics drivers were equipped with Motorola MC-95 mobile terminals, thanks to which a new standard of LTL shipment was introduced.

The equipment we suggested was fully adjusted to conditions in which it is used. The requirements for terminals were really high – the devices have an efficient scanner, large and legible display, the capacity of battery is also suitable, which guarantees long working time.” – assures Maciej Rafałowski, Sales Director, IBCS Poland. – “Additionally, the device is resistant to bad weather conditions and resistant to drops from heights.

– he adds

In the current market situation, providing information in real time is crucial, it supports building a competitive advantage. Thanks to the implementation, our clients can make their business decisions quicker. They can speed up the invoicing process and react to their customer’s needs faster.

Robert Michalik Head of Land Product Development – DB Schenker Logistics

The implementation made the drivers’ work, as well as handling LTL shipment more efficient. Terminals automatically create load registers and gather availability status. The drivers have access to data on all packages and can plan the order of delivery queue individually. The device also reminds of additional services connected with e.g. delivering package at given hour or reclaiming documents.

Limiting paperwork and automated process of delivery service ensures greater completeness and data reliability data. This means less mistakes, better organisation of conducted activities and more efficient work. Mobile devices allow for real time data flow and speeding up information flow. Thanks to that, DB Schenker Logistics can improve its efficiency and quality of services,  which translates to increase of customers’ satisfaction.