Picking on highest level – ibcsVoice in Śnieżka warehouse

Śnieżka Inc. is one of the biggest producers of paints and varnishs in Middle-Eastern Europe. The company has been developing dynamically for years, increasing sale of its products in Poland and abroad. For a long time, the company has strived to optimize internal processes. One of the most significant factors in this case is logistics, and this is why in 2017 Śnieżka decided to implement ibcsVoice system for picking in Brzeźnica warehouse.

The need to enter higher level

Śnieżka Inc. is consistent in its policy of innovation and constant improvement of internal processes in the company.

Due to increasing market demand for paints and varnishes produced by Śnieżka, the main warehouse of finished goods, located in Brzeźnica became more and more loaded. This warehouse is a significant element of company logistic infrastructure. This is where distribution of product for the whole Poland begins. As a result of internal audit, a decision was made to invest in warehouse automation system.

The aim we set in context of optimization of warehouse processes was to reduce pallet control. What we understood by this it increasing dispatch accuracy, automation of document print, and, as a result, lowering print costs and general increase of warehouse productivity by about 30%. These assumptions were really ambitions, so we needed the right partner to help us achieve them.

– says Anna Giza, Manager of Śnieżka Warehouse of Finished Goods.

IBCS Poland – team for special tasks

The company has co-operated with IBCS Poland for a long period of time ant the experience was positive. What is more, IBCS Poland could document experience in complex products facilitating logistics in enterprises. After pre-implementation analysis, specialist from IBCS Poland suggested implementation of ibcsVoice system together with Honewyell Vocollect Pick-by-Voice solution.

It’s worth to mention that warehouse
productivity improved over assumed value.
This contributed to feasible financial savings.
We are fully satisfied with the implementation
and its effects and co-operation with IBCS Poland

Anna Giza Manager of Śnieżka Warehouse of Finished Goods – Fabryka Farb i Lakierów ŚNIEŻKA S.A.

The task of the new system was to facilitate operations of pickers by replacing handheld terminals with devices using voice technology.

A necessary condition to fulfil was full integration of the new solution with ERP IFS system already working in the warehouse.

The solution suggested by IBCS Poland assumed use of ibcsVoice system based on Honeywell Talkman A710 voice terminals with SRX wireless headset. 25 devices were delivered for pickers working in 3 shift system. The whole solution was integrated with already operating ERP system, and the core of the solution is an application created by IBCS Poland – ibcsVoice

How does ibcsVoice work?

ibcsVoice imports orders that are sorted by tool created by Śnieżka programmers. Office worker, before sending order, has the possibility to change sorting type, move positions in order and between orders.

A worker who receives order on voice terminal gets all necessary information. The system directs him to the right alley in the warehouse. After confirming the right location, voice points to goods location and asks to read check digit or last digits of EAN code. Then, the system informs the user about the quantity of products to be picked. The operator can ask for name and code of goods. After confirmation, the system proceeds to the next pick-location. The solution also enables reading additional notes defined for a given position and the need to tape pallets with special markings. After the pallet is picked, the system generates shipping label and pallet specifications.

Improvement exceeds expectations

ibcsVoice system in Śnieżka Inc. Brzeźnica warehouse has contributed to improvement of picking process efficiency, shorter training and improved accuracy of goods release.