Smart warehouse labelling for Solvent CZ

The Solvent Group is a Czech company founded in 1992. At present Solvent Group employs over 3,000 employees with about 8 billion Czech crowns turnover. Solvent Group operates as a wholesaler and distributor of drugstore goods and this company supplies over 5,500 retail units. Solvent operates two retail chains – TETA and TOP drugstores, as well as a network of TETA pharmacies and e-shops and

Before the project

Due to the transition to the new warehouse management system, the whole warehouse had to be re-marked with barcodes. For a high level of flexibility and large scale of experiences in this field, Solvent turned KODYS.

Project objectives

  • Complex marking of the warehouse – floor, shelves, levels, stands etc.
  • Assuring the proper functionality between WMS and barcodes system
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Measuring operatorĀ“s performance
  • Overall cost savings of the warehouse

Due to high-quality durable marking and hardware equipment, warehouse productivity has increased by 16%. A total of 1,345-floor labels and 60,000 shelf labels were delivered to us. The project lasted 4 months. Warehouse employees are able to train within a week to get the required efficiency. We can only recommend cooperation with KODYS.

Petr Filek – Operations Director


KODYS used highly resistant labels for the overall marking of storage locations. The floor was marked with an extremely durable robust labels made of 250-micron polycarbonate material. The floor labels were graphically designed to speed up the work of warehouse operators.

KODYS has also designed a unique solution for marking racks and bridges by using multi-level pre-printed labels. There are several barcodes on the label, each single barcode identifies one shelf floor. Each shelf floor has a colour that equals the colour of the label.

Warehouse Zones and dispatch gates are marked by PVC boards with yellow polypropylene labels for better visibility. There was also delivered durable mobile terminals Zebra, scanners and printers for warehouse operators and installed wireless network as a part of the project.