IBCS Group quality Policy

The most important reason for our activity is to meet the needs of customers in the field of IT systems for handling logistics processes. We strive to satisfy the client’s needs to the maximum by offering comprehensive services based on the philosophy of quality in every detail of the operation.


We are convinced that customers are the most important in business activity, therefore our superior goals are:

  • full implementation of the client’s guidelines by adjusting the equipment and services we offer to his needs,
  • helping clients achieve success in their own business,
  • building long-term relationships with customers based on mutual exchange of values and trust,
  • continuous improvement of the quality of services and solutions offered to clients by implementing the latest solutions in the field of information technology, hardware and work organization.


Our most important resource for achieving customer satisfaction is people, therefore our aim is to:

  • conduct a personnel policy so as to attract the best professionals in the industry and ensure their job satisfaction,
  • invest in the development of our staff through a continuous process of training and qualification improvement,
  • deepen the belief of our employees that customer satisfaction can only be achieved through continuous improvement of the quality of our work,
  • build a sense of teamwork and solidarity in the performance of our work,
  • take care of building relationships not only between employees, but also their families.


In our actions, we are guided by professional ethics based on clearly defined principles:

  • reliability, honesty, credibility, respect for others,
  • respect for legal regulations, care for compliance with standards, respect for internal procedures and rules of operation of clients,
  • full responsibility for the services, equipment and solutions provided.


We are fully aware that taking care of the quality of operation is a continuous process, therefore:

  • the quality objectives are known to all employees of the company and they are aware that everyone is an important element of the quality system,
  • we regularly review the quality system and implement its conclusions immediately.
    The overarching goal of customer satisfaction requires clear communication of the company’s quality goals, therefore:
  • strategic goals of the company are verified in terms of ensuring the highest quality of operation,
  • the company’s marketing policy is aimed at building the image of the company consistently increasing the quality of operations,
  • the company has an open information policy towards customers, business partners, employees and owners.
  • we take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously and are firmly committed to environmental sustainability.