Cyrillic Script Label Printing

How to print a Cyrillic barcode using a regular Windows based ERP is still not quite evident today. We are reviewing this challenge in our case study through the solution installed at Berkemann Hungary. Not only Cyrillic, but Greek or Hebrew labels can be printed with the NiceLabel label design programmerunning on Windows. From now on, the user will be able to make Cyrillic script labels by using the IBCS Hungary label design and printing solution.

Berkemann Ltd. manufactures and packages prophylactic orthopaedic shoes. Due to increasing volume of Russian export printing Cyrillic script labels using the available business system was needed.

The solution relies on the principle of the automation of repeated activities by being able to synchronise the business process with label printing in a pre-programmed manner without any human intervention.

However, the company’s product management system was unable to process the Unicode characters; therefore, was unable to meet the expectation of printing Cyrillic script labels from the final products database.

Making minimum adjustments to the current system was a further expectation of Berkemann in relation to labelling solution. The customer also expected the programme to be sufficiently intuitive and user-friendly, so there is no need to train or retrain employees. Only minor adjustments had to be made for well-functioning production and packaging process by taking this into account when designing the solution.

The solution developed by IBCS Hungary is based on the NiceLabel Automation system. The solution relies on the principle of the automation of repeated activities by being able to synchronise the business process with label printing in a pre-programmed manner without any human intervention. The label printing control programme is unique in design and runs as a service. It practically wedges between the production control system and the label printer. It saves the label data in a file at a given point of the production process, a command is not directly transmitted to the printer. The system searches for the data of the label to be printed prior to printing from the temporary storage files. The label format, i.e. what data or barcode is placed on a given part of the label and which one of these changes from one label to another, is decided earlier in the design phase. Therefore, only constantly changing minimum unique production data needs to be transferred when printing.

 Advantages of the solution:

  • Requires minor adjustment in the production management system of the company
  • Production and packaging process remains the same
  • Usage of system is easily understandable for employees, there is no training time
  • Major savings can be obtained thanks to use of labelling solution