Voice technology in COOP JLC

In large Distribution Center of the company COOP JLC are 3400 positions in modern warehouse with area of 6000 m2. A lot of shipping units of miscellaneous content and size is daily dispatched from warehouse positions to retail network of 170 shops mainly with food assortment.

Advantageous combination of automatic identification technologies is applied in this distribution center – barcode is used in phase of stock in and voice communication – during preparation and picking. Implemented solution uses mobile computers Motorola MC9090-G while stock in and special trux computers VC5090 equipped with long range barcode scanners LS3408-ER for storing and moving goods in warehouse.

We can find terminals Talkman T5 from Vocollect with special headphones communicating via Bluetooth radio technology in system picking by the voice. The whole on-line solution is implemented into existing ERP system through software module K-Voice developed in KODYS SLOVENSKO and uses secured WiFi network consisting Motorola components. This solution becomes unique due to using of local Slovak language for voice operators when picking the shipments. Training of operating stuff is much easier and requires minimum time.

Unique advantage of system managed by voice „Free hands, free eyes”, that minimizes errors and increases effectiveness of operators work, was one of the factor why COOP JLC has decided for such revolutionary solution.