Storage area marking in Van Pur S.A. brewery warehouses

In 2015 IBCS Poland completed a project of storage area marking in Van Pur S.A. brewery warehouses in Łomża and Rakszawa.

The aim of the project was to make provide clear marking of each pallet location in the warehouse and mark storage areas through placing 2D code tables over them.  The tables were made of special material that guarantees code readout from large distances – even up to 9 m. This solution allows warehouse worker to confirm load or collection from desired pallet position even through forklift screen.

Marking process was preceded by a detailed analysis of the location, choice of proper solution and tables, tests and offer of construction and montage. The whole process, from conception to montage in one location took 4 weeks and was done according to the schedule approved previously.

One of the benefits of warehouse marking for the Customer is reducing storage area errors to minimum, which directly affects financial results.

We were chosen for warehouse marking project based on our wide experience in such project, our expertise and competence. Thanks to a reference visit, the Customer could see the quality of our work and how we operate.