We have speeded-up inventory count in I.D.C. Holding

I.D.C. Holding, Inc. is the biggest Slovak producer of sweets and durable pastry with more than 100 hundred years of tradition in the business.

Company produces around 38 000 tons of goods with turnover over 112 million Euros annually. I.D.C. Holding consists of companies Figaro Trnava, Pecivarne Sered and production site of seasonal products in Cifer. Some of the well-known products are Horalky, Mila, Tatranky, Verbena sweets, etc.

I.D.C. Holding with more than 1000 employees and large number of assets belongs to Slovak biggest companies. Their assets were inventoried using pen and paper so far, what made inventory count time-consuming and resources-demanding. We offered them a solution for asset management and assets’ inventory count. Implementing the EVIDEI software solution brought them simplification, higher accuracy and significant speed-up of inventory count.

Each piece of asset is marked by 2D barcode. Codes are scanned during inventory count using mobile terminals equipped with build-in barcode readers which makes the count process much faster and more accurate. Mobile terminal’s data are transferred from mobile application into the desktop application EVIDEI, that allows its easy and handy processing.

Our company continually invests into innovations that lead to the simpler and more effective
workflows. That is why we are glad that company KODYS SLOVENSKO offered us this solution.
It is a big step forward for us mostly when performing inventory count. Thanks to EVIDEI we are
able to process inventory count results in much shorter time with less errors. Implementation of
the solution went smoothly and fast, so we are able to use it in our next upcoming inventory

Mgr. Rudolf Svehla, economics manager

When choosing the appropriate mobile terminals, it was important to keep in mind that many assets are located on high positions or with the limited access to them. I.D.C. Holding is using mobile terminals ZEBRA TC56 and TC8000 with running EVIDEI mobile application for inventory count process. TC8000 mobile terminals are equipped with long-range scan engines, that allows scanning the barcodes at a greater distance. EVIDEI mobile application is very user-friendly and intuitive, so training even non-experienced users, or part-time workers does not take long.